Supporters & Partners

Independent School Partners

Bridges works closely with The St. Paul’s Schools, Gilman School,  The Bryn Mawr School and McDonogh School. Each has made an institutional commitment to Bridges, fully adopting the program as a function of their schools. This commitment includes year-round facility and office space usage, a volunteer base, back-office support, and annual financial investments in Bridges Baltimore. Bridges provides partner independent schools with meaningful opportunities to engage with and deepen understanding of the broader Baltimore community.

To learn more about our independent school partners, visit:

Bridges at The St. Paul’s Schools page
Bridges at Gilman School page
Bridges at The Bryn Mawr School page
Bridges at McDonogh School page

Feeder School Partners

Administrators and teachers from 12 Baltimore City Public Elementary Schools help in the nomination and selection of students to enter Bridges. Students are recruited from the following elementary schools in Northeast Baltimore: Abbottston Elementary, Barclay Elementary, Cecil Elementary, Dallas F. Nicholas Elementary, Govans Elementary, Hampden Elementary, Harford Heights Elementary, Leith Walk Elementary, Margaret Brent Elementary, Montebello Elementary, Walter P. Carter Elementary, and Yorkwood Elementary.

Summer Job Partners

The following organizations provide jobs for Bridges high schoolers as a key part of high school summer programming. Bridges staff provide career readiness training and support for the students working with summer job partners, contributing to successful working relationships between Bridges students and their employers.


Bridges has 140+ supporters of $10 to $285,000 per year including the following foundations and corporations.

The Associated (Funds & Foundations)
The Herbert Bearman Foundation
The Bryn Mawr School
William Blair
Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation
Charm City Run
Clayton Baker Trust
The Melissa and Jonathan Cordish Fund
Crane Foundation
David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation
Gilman School

Griffin Family Charitable Fund
Goldsmith Family Foundation
Hannah and Ryan Barry Memorial Foundation
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg FoundationKentfields Foundation
Live Give Run Foundation
Lockhart Vaughan Foundation
The Richman Foundation
Rothschild Charitable Foundation
The St. Paul’s Schools
T. Rowe Price Foundation
Thomas Wilson Foundation

Other In-Kind Partners

Loyola University has been a partner of Bridges for over 10 years. Loyola students engage in service-learning by tutoring Bridges middle and high school students during the academic year. Loyola University also hosts Bridges on campus for the high school summer program.

Additionally, Bridges partners with the following organizations that provide in-kind or discounted resources including food, t-shirts, academic resources, business services, field trips, and speakers.

Early Charm Ventures
Baltimore City Hall
Baltimore City Police Department
Baltimore Ravens
Brown Advisory
Capital Educators
Continental Realty Corporation
DLA Piper
Downtown Sailing Center
Diamondback Brewing
Early Charm Ventures

First Tee Golf
MCB Real Estate
M&T Bank
Plank Industries
RBC Wealth Management
Space Telescope Science Institute
Stepstone Group
Target Marketing
Towson University
Under Armour

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