program model

Program for Baltimore City Youth

Objectives: From age 9 to age 23, Bridges’ year-round program sets out to help Baltimore City youth find consistent academic success from elementary school through high school, graduate from high school and college, and find fulfilling career paths that lead to financial security.

The Bridges Program: Bridges recruits elementary-aged students from Title I public schools in Baltimore. Students enter Bridges’ 13-year program just after third grade. The year-round initiative provides individualized academic & school placement support and summer/school year programming.

The 13-Year Baltimore City Youth Experience

Program for Independent School Volunteers

Objectives: Bridges’ program model creates a space for independent school students of all backgrounds to build close and caring relationships with Baltimore City School students, learn about issues of unequal access and opportunity in Baltimore, and be part of building a more inclusive and equitable society.

The Bridges Program: Bridges’ three program locations – Bridges at The St. Paul’s Schools, Bridges at Gilman School, and Bridges at The Bryn Mawr School – recruit independent school students from their independent school communities starting in ninth grade. Volunteer commitments are for 1 season at a time and are available 4 seasons/year. Independent school students assist in programs with Bridges’ youngest students.

The Independent School Volunteer Experience

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