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Kashiya Reese

Meet Kashiya

Kashiya entered Bridges 13 years ago, just after finishing third grade at Govans Elementary. Since then, she has made incredible strides, finding a passion for pediatric medicine and graduating with an A-average from Morgan State.

“They really try to expand our horizons and open our minds about different fields of work,” Kashiya says of Bridges. “I think the most memorable moment was when we visited the Baer School, which is a school for children with special needs and disabilities.” Bridges saw Kashiya’s interest in working at the Baer School and helped her land a summer job there for the next 3 years.

She is now preparing to take the MCATs and apply to medical school, while working full time. Her goal is to become a pediatric oncologist. “I wouldn’t be the same person that I am without Bridges.” 




Donovan Taylor

Meet Donovan

Donovan entered Bridges as a 4th grader at Dallas F. Nicholas Sr. Elementary. Eight years later, we watched him graduate from Baltimore City College High School and gain acceptance to Georgetown University, where he has decided to attend college.

“Bridges,” he says, “has meant family.” It has also meant the opportunity to explore his interest in financial management via the High School Summer Jobs Program, which has led him to pursue a major in international business. Donovan:“I want to influence global business policy to help lift people out of poverty.” Donovan is still active in Bridges through the post-high school program.






Stephon Dingle

Meet Stephon

The year he was supposed to be in the third grade, Stephon stayed home. His mother was ill at the time, and the neighborhood school was full.

The next year, he was selected to participate in a summer enrichment program at St.Paul’s School. He loved
it so much that he cried the last day. These tears were shed in 1999, at the conclusion of Stephon’
s first summer in Bridges.

After graduating from St. Mary’s College, Stephon received his master's degree in journalism from Columbia University and is currently a television news reporter in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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