Become a Coach

Bridges coaches meet their small group of mentees when they are in sixth grade and stay with them until high school graduation. Coaches attend Bridges events and field trips where they directly support the success of their students. When students are in high school, coaches have the opportunity to share their work life and college experience with students. This dynamic role enables an adult to connect directly with youth and be a caring adult in their lives for many years.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Coach, contact our Deputy Director, Kevin McCloskey, at

Become an Investor

Investing in Bridges is investing in the future of the youth of Baltimore. If you are new to Bridges, we understand that a 14-year program with many different moving parts may be hard to grasp at first. The mission, however, is simple – we are committed to the long-term success of Baltimore City youth. Through those years there are many different elements to the programs but the students, and often times the supporters, stay the same.

If you are interested in taking a tour of a Bridges program, contact our Executive Director, Rob Paymer, at

Become a Tutor

Loyola University students tutor Bridges students in two programs: (1) Bridges Loft After-School Tutoring (2) Writing Center Tutoring

(1) At the Bridges Loft, Loyola students commit to 10 weeks of tutoring, 1x per week for 2 hours, where they come to the Bridges Loft in Belvedere Square. Here they join an after school program for middle and high school students, assisting with homework, study skills, school projects, and exploring extracurricular interests. Tutors can be any year at Loyola and all majors are welcome.

(2) The Writing Center Tutoring Program is on campus at Loyola University. Bridges high school students come to the center each week for 10 weeks to meet with their mentor 1on1. The partners will work through school assignments that the high school students bring, focus on technique, study habits, and share their high school and college experiences with one another.

If you are a Loyola student interested in becoming a tutor or a Loyola professor interested in offering tutoring as a service-learning experience in your class, contact Bridges Deputy Director, Kevin McCloskey, at

Become a High School Volunteer

High school students can volunteer during the school year as an after-school buddy to the 4th and 5th grade Bridges students attending after-school programming on campus. High school students can also volunteer during the summer as a camp counselor. You can volunteer as many times as you would like and there are a growing number of students in our 3+ group, meaning they have volunteered 3 or more seasons with Bridges.

For St. Paul’s Schools students, contact Bridges Service Learning Fellow, Emily DiNubilie, at

For Gilman School, Bryn Mawr School, and Roland Park Country School students, contact Elementary Program Director, Dave Menard, at

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